Navigating growth.
We drive growth and build value by connecting people, capital, ideas and opportunity.
Charting success.
Oggin is an entrepreneurial advisory and private investment company focused on small-to-medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.

We believe that by bringing together our experience, people, capital and ideas we create opportunity to grow and build value. We seek to identify untapped potential, navigate complexity and nurture positive relationships in order to unlock meaningful growth for our portfolio and clients.
We are your strategic advisory partner for international growth, operational excellence and business expansion. We work with our portfolio companies, small to medium sized enterprises and start-ups.
We are open to a variety of engagement models from consulting to outstaffing (outside IR35) in the following areas:

→ Go-to-market and market entry strategies
→ Technology, data and AI strategy / product management
→ Outsourcing (BPO/ITO) strategy and selection
→ Emerging market M&A, due diligence and 'First 100 days'
→ Investing in Ukraine
→ Capital raising into our Angel and VC Network
Ready to scale or exit your business?
small to medium sized enterprises
and start-ups.
We acquire and invest in profitable small to medium-sized businesses with £5-7 million revenue.
Start-up raising Angel investment?
Apply for up to €100k funding from 30+ Angels who are interested in emerging data, AI and blockchain companies.
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  • $7m

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scaling globally, together.
Our mentors, investors and advisors leverage decades of experience to help innovative companies grow, optimise and scale, globally. Over the years we have developed a range of accelerators that reduce your time to value in area most start-ups and SME's struggle.
  • commercial.
    Build a go-to-market strategy that get's traction early and accelerate growth.
  • capital.
    Access of our network of Angel investors and VC with experience in data, AI and blockchain.
  • operations.
    Launch a lean organisation that utilises leading tools to optimise your structure and operations.
  • talent.
    Find, hire and manage the best talent onshore, nearshore and offshore.
our team.
  • Alex Herlihy
    Director, Australian Investments
  • Andri Hadjiloizi
  • Anna Podopryhora
    Talent Advisor
  • Hugh Simpson
    Managing Director
  • Luther Poier
    Start-Up Advisor
  • Nick Bain
    Blockchain Advisor
  • Niki Ioannou
    Finance Director
  • Sergii Gerasimov
    Investments Director
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